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Malawi Matters Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to develop and facilitate HIV and AIDS education with the people of Malawi, Africa. By connecting agencies and organizations and using hands-on techniques grounded in Malawian culture, we believe that Malawian youth and adults can find solutions to the HIV and AIDS crisis as well as improve and enhance the quality of life in this economically impoverished, but spiritually rich nation.

September 12 – Transportation Tuesday Totals - At present, MMI has raised $2,294.00 during its $30 in 30 campaign. $28,756.00 to go! MMI is committed to raising 3/4ths of the costs of the bikes - $3,450 per bike or $31,050 for 9. Your contributions are appreciated. Please help MMI spread the message. Zikomo.

September 11
– Tim Lehmann, participant on February, 2017 Malawi trip writes: “Hello everyone. This is a project that's near and dear to my heart. Having met these people, seeing their dedication and the conditions that they are working under, I can affirm the need. Please consider supporting them however you can!”

September 10
– Besides your personal contribution of $30 (or more) for motorcycles for MMI’s 9 RRs, would you contact 30 family members, friends, colleagues, co-workers, neighbors, group members and invite them to participate in the $30 in 30 (9 for 9) bike campaign? Start a GoFundMe site or ask MMI to supply brochures and/or newsletters or other information that might help you spread the word via FB, email & mail. Zikomo – Thank You!

September 9 – RR Bleston Kalebe, a farmer as well as MMI volunteer, states “there are some areas whereby you can’t go on a minibus but using only motorbike. Therefore, coming of the motorbike is indeed concrete solution to our transportation problem.”

September 8 – Transportation for MMI’s RRs (Regional Representatives) – without motorbikes – involves riding crowded, unreliable, unsafe mini buses; renting push or motor bikes at high costs; and walking long distances.

September 7
– MMI’s 9 RRs (Regional Representatives) cover 13,742 square miles of the Central Region of Malawi to make their bi-annual visits to villages. According to the National Statistical Office of Malawi, the Central Region is 35,592 kilometers & the 2017 census reports a population of 7,573,700 people.

September 6 – RR Franklin Gwengwe, a public school teacher & church youth leader who volunteers with MMI & has 30 villages in his assigned area (60 days of work every 6 months), shares: “I strongly need the motor bike. This is good due to the conditions of the roads that we normally use. There are places where vehicles cannot go; this is why we opted for motorbikes.”

September 5 - Month of Motorcycles MMI is committed to raising 3/4ths of the costs of the bikes - $3,450 per bike or $31,050 for 9. At present, MMI has raised $1,664.52 and has mounted the $30 in 30 campaign to share the need, tell the story, and invite your participation. $29,385.48 to go!

September 4 – MMIs Regional Representatives (RRs) have committed to raise the funds to pay 1/4th of the cost of each bike themselves. At present, they have raised $8,450.00 of their $10,350.00 share. One RR sold a cow to help cover his cost. Now, that's commitment!

September 3 - The bikes MMI will purchase are Yamaha model XTZ125E which can handle the terrible road conditions in Malawi. The supplier of the bikes, Stansfield Motors, has been in business in Malawi for over 75 years. They will provide warranties as well as a helmet for each rider plus handle the registration, license, and insurance procedures for MMI.

September 2 - Malawi Matters (MMI)’s 9 RRs conduct a 2-day visit to each assigned area in 188 villages of the central region of Malawi every 6 months to coordinate activities related to Creative Methods of HIV & AIDS Education, Culture & HIV-AIDS programs, plus Equipping Women/Empowering Girls courses. The 9 RRs work with 60 ARs (Area Reps), 364 LRs (Local Reps), and 3,276 CIs (Certified Instructors) plus schools, groups, and faith communities. All are VOLUNTEERS! Motorbikes are needed to ease transport problems during these RR visits.

September 1 - 9 for 9! 30 for 30! That’s the theme of Malawi Matters September campaign to raise funds for 9 motorbikes so its 9 RRs (Regional Representatives) can more efficiently do their work throughout central Malawi. You are invited to give $30.00 to this appeal by September 30. Checks may be sent to Malawi Matters Inc., P. O. Box 11694, South Bend, IN 46634 or made via PayPal. Here’s a link to MMIs newsletter with more details - September newsletter

#StartWithaSmile at for your gifts and Amazon donates to Malawi Matters Inc.


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Our Expressed Goals

  • stress HIV and AIDS prevention through active, hands-on education utilizing the arts and culture
  • develop a core group of Malawian trainers to sustain our education programs
  • communicate why it is vital to learn about HIV and AIDS in all spheres of life
  • support on-going efforts to identify methods and skills necessary to address HIV and AIDS issues
  • stimulate youth and adults to think creatively about HIV and AIDS issues
  • connect agencies and organizations working toward eradication of HIV and AIDS in Malawi


Our Inspiration

The inspiration for Malawi Matters springs from the large concentration of warm, hard-working, and humble Malawians who make South Bend, Indiana U.S.A. (and the surrounding communities) their home. They are our friends and neighbors and have become our family … now their families in Malawi are our families, too. Their stories have changed our lives and compel Malawi Matters to help stem the destructive tide of HIV and AIDS that is decimating that country. By facilitating the necessary education and training needed in Malawi, we hope to bring an end to the present crisis of children raising children.



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There are an estimated 650,000 orphans in Malawi due to AIDS.