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Malawi Matters Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to develop and facilitate HIV and AIDS education with the people of Malawi, Africa. By connecting agencies and organizations and using hands-on techniques grounded in Malawian culture, we believe that Malawian youth and adults can find solutions to the HIV and AIDS crisis as well as improve and enhance the quality of life in this economically impoverished, but spiritually rich nation.

Please offer assistance to the team by following the daily Prayer Guide/June Newsletter for June/July 2016. Zikomo!


The Malawi Matters' PARTY WITH A PURPOSE was successful!


We made the news!

Did you know that you can donate to Malawi Matters while shopping at Amazon? You can give every time you receive...from Malawi Matters is now registered with Amazon Smile, so if you register Malawi Matters on your account, a percentage of the purchase will come to us. When you go into your Amazon account, search Amazon Smile and you can then search Malawi Matters to select it. It is that easy and doesn't cost you extra!  

Malawi Matters invites you to consider giving a "Gift" that keeps giving - education for the women trained in our "Equipping Women - Empowering Girls" course and life skills for the girls these women teach in their homes, schools, congregations, and villages. Thank You!

We also invite you to support a gift to educate key village leaders about HIV and AIDS cause, prevention and care so that they, in turn, can teach others life-saving strategies.

Malawi Matters Board of Directors Paul Chimutu, Margaret Eggleston, Staci Norman, Willie Ngozo, Suzgo Nyirongo, Liz Rosencrantz, Christopher Sawa, Tracy Spear, Phyllis Wezeman

Malawi Matters Inc.
P.O. Box 16694
South Bend, IN 46601


Since you've expressed interest in the past, we're introducing plans for two mission trips to "The Warm Heart of Africa" in 2016. 

If you feel called to be part of a team in February/March and/or June/July that conducts and coordinates "Creative Methods of HIV & AIDS Education" courses, "Equipping Women - Empowering Girls" programs, and training sessions for Representatives of 178 regions, please join us in this life-changing and life-saving opportunity! Please share the information with others who may be interested as well. 

Details are available in the 2016 Trip flier. Please feel free to contact us for additional information. Applications are also available; and deadlines for both trips are approaching. 

Zikomo - thank you, 

Elizabeth (Liz) Rosencrantz, Secretary 
Phyllis Wezeman, President 

P.S.  MMI's goal is to conduct 95 classes in 2016 - so there is a need for trainers, small group leaders, record keepers, nsima (main dish of Malawi) servers, materials managers, and much more!!!


*June Newsletter - Prayer Guide
*February Newsletter - Prayer Guide, Follow Up Plan, and Goals for 2016!
*December Newsletter - Why do we do this?
*November Newsletter - Do you feel the call?
*October Newsletter - 2016 Goals
*September Newsletter - June/July Trip Report
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*April Newsletter - Feb/March Trip report

Our Expressed Goals

  • stress HIV and AIDS prevention through active, hands-on education utilizing the arts and culture
  • develop a core group of Malawian trainers to sustain our education programs
  • communicate why it is vital to learn about HIV and AIDS in all spheres of life
  • support on-going efforts to identify methods and skills necessary to address HIV and AIDS issues
  • stimulate youth and adults to think creatively about HIV and AIDS issues
  • connect agencies and organizations working toward eradication of HIV and AIDS in Malawi


Our Inspiration

The inspiration for Malawi Matters springs from the large concentration of warm, hard-working, and humble Malawians who make South Bend, Indiana U.S.A. (and the surrounding communities) their home. They are our friends and neighbors and have become our family … now their families in Malawi are our families, too. Their stories have changed our lives and compel Malawi Matters to help stem the destructive tide of HIV and AIDS that is decimating that country. By facilitating the necessary education and training needed in Malawi, we hope to bring an end to the present crisis of children raising children.



dirt texture brown lunch bag with 560,000 scribbled on it

There are an estimated 650,000 orphans in Malawi due to AIDS.